You can find on this page the Detroit neighborhood map to print and to download in PDF. The Detroit districts map presents quarters, region, suburbs and surrounding area of Detroit in Michigan - USA.

Detroit neighborhoods map

Map of Detroit neighborhoods

The Detroit neighborhoods map shows region and suburbs of Detroit areas. This neighborhood map of Detroit will allow you to discover quarters and surrounding area of Detroit in Michigan - USA. The Detroit quarters map is downloadable in PDF, printable and free.

Based in the New Center neighborhood and working within urban lifestyle, City Living Detroit is a full-service boutique real estate agency, working within the diverse Detroit neighborhoods, such as Lafayette Park, Boston Edison, Sherwood Forest, and more as its shown in Detroit neighborhoods map. City Living Detroit focuses on the spirit of the downtown—the growing riverfront, historic neighborhoods, and the cultural center. Corktown is the oldest neighborhood in Detroit. Some of the best bars and restaurants in the city have established themselves in the area offering a great range of options. In 2007, Downtown Detroit was recognized as a best city neighborhood in which to retire among the United States' largest metro areas by CNN Money Magazine editors. Some of the oldest neighborhoods are along the Woodward and East Jefferson corridors.

Downtown Detroit has been completely transformed over the last five years. Full of restaurants, bars, shopping and beautiful parks, Downtown is a great destination while in Detroit. The farmer market which operates on Saturdays is the largest open-air market in the United States. The community surrounding the market has an eclectic mix of restaurants, bars, and shopping. The area buildings are covered with murals produced mostly through the annual Murals In The Market event. The suburb of Ferndale just north of 8 mile is filled with a broad range of culinary and nightlife offerings (see Detroit neighborhoods map). Downtown Ferndale is a very walkable area both day and night.

Detroit neighborhoods are concentrated in the northeast and on the city fringes as you can see in Detroit neighborhoods map. A 2009 parcel survey found about one fourth of residential lots in the city to be undeveloped or vacant, and about 10% of the city housing to be unoccupied. Public funding and private investment have also been made with promises to rehabilitate neighborhoods. In April 2008, the city announced a $300-million stimulus plan to create jobs and revitalize neighborhoods, financed by city bonds and paid for by earmarking about 15% of the wagering tax. The city working plans for neighborhood revitalizations include 7-Mile/Livernois, Brightmoor, East English Village, Grand River/Greenfield, North-End, and Osborn. Private organizations have pledged substantial funding to the efforts. Additionally, the city has cleared a 1,200-acre (490 ha) section of land for large-scale neighborhood construction, which the city is calling the Far Eastside Plan. In 2011, Mayor Bing announced a plan to categorize neighborhoods by their needs and prioritize the most needed services for those neighborhoods.

Detroit districts map

Map of Detroit districts

The Detroit districts map shows all quarters and suburbs of Detroit. This district map of Detroit will allow you to discover areas and the region of Detroit in Michigan - USA. The Detroit districts map is downloadable in PDF, printable and free.

District 1 hugs Detroit northwest side as its mentioned in Detroit districts map, with Grand River Avenue, one of the state oldest trading lines, as its main thoroughfare. Runs east on State Route 102 (Eight Mile) from Five Points, turns south down Route 39, east on McNichols, south on Ardmore, west on I-96, south on Evergreen, west on Fullerton, north along M-14, west on Puritan, north on Five Points back to Route 102. District 2 encompasses a wide variety of neighborhoods, from cozy bungalows to stately mansions. The resurgent Avenue of Fashion is a staple of the area. Route 102 east from Route 39, southeast along railroad tracks near Wanda to Seven Mile, west to John R. District 3 is eastside Detroit through and through. With Gratiot Avenue as one of its main streets, it is also home to City Airport. East on 102 from railroad tracks near Wanda, southwest on Kelly, west on Maddelein, south on Route 3 (Gratiot), west on McNichols, southeast on Conner, west on Harper, south on Route 3, northwest on McClellan, southwest on Harper, southeast on Crane, southwest along I-94, north on Sherwood, west on Huber, north across railroad tracks, west south of Caniff to Conant, southwest on Carpenter, northwest along I-75, west on McNichols, north on John R, east on Seven Mile, northwest along railroad tracks to 102.

District 4 is the city easternmost district as its shown in Detroit districts map, home to homes that border canals and longtime businesses reflective of the city’s immigrant history. Southeast on Kingsville from Kelly, south along Mack, south at Alter to Detroit River, west to Clairpointe, northwest to Jefferson, northwest on Meadowbrook, southwest on Kercheval, northwest on Saint Clair, northeast on Vernor, northwest on Harding, northeast on Charlevoix, northwest on Montclair, southwest on Mack, northwest on McClellan, north on Route 3, east on Harper, north on Conner, east on McNichols, north on Route 3, east on Seven Mile to Kelly. District 5 is Detroit largest district, which features a mix of historic neighborhoods, increased business activity and Belle Isle, the city largest park. West along the river from Clairpointe Street area, north along Brush, west on Montcalm, north on John R, west on Warren, north on Cass, west along I-94, south on Rosa Parks, west on Warren, north on Grand River, west on I-94, north on West Grand, west on Milford, north on 30th, east on Tireman, north on Grand River, north on Radford, west on Virginia Park, north on Grand River, west on Philadelphia, north on I-96, east on Joy, north on Wildemere, west on West Chicago, north along Holmur, east on Collingwood, north on Dexter, east on Buena Vista, north on Linwood, east on Ford.

District 6 is one of Detroit most diverse areas, home to a number of Latino and Middle Eastern communities as well as some of Detroit oldest black-owned businesses as you can see in Detroit districts map. South along the Detroit River from around Beaubien, east along Rouge River, south on Bassett, east on Outer Drive, north along I-75, west on Schaefer, east along Rouge River, north along Riverside, northwest around Amazon Street, west on M-12, north on Wyoming, east along Dayton, north along Central, west on Tireman, north on Roselawn. District 7 is pure westside Detroit, with Rouge Park as one of this area centerpieces and a number of community-centric neighborhoods. East on Fullerton at West Parkway, north on Evergreen, east on I-96, north along Ardmore, east on Lyndon, north on Griggs, east on Eaton, north on Greenlawn, jog east on Chalfonte, then north to Fenkell. East on Fenkell, south on Livernois, northeast on Grand Blvd., north on Dexter, east on Pasadena, south on Wildemere, west on Davison, south on Dexter.