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Detroit (play /diˈtrɔɪt/) is the largest city in the U.S. state of Michigan, and the seat of Wayne County as its shown in Detroit map. It is the major city among the primary cultural, financial, and transportation centers in the Metro Detroit area, a region of 5.2 million people, and serves as a major port on the Detroit River connecting the Great Lakes system to the Saint Lawrence Seaway. Some Fortune 500 companies headquartered in Detroit include General Motors, auto parts maker American Axle & Manufacturing, and DTE Energy. Other major industries include advertising, law, finance, biomedical research, health care, and computer software. The law firm of Miller, Canfield, Paddock & Stone, one of the largest in the U.S., has offices in both Detroit and Windsor. The Detroit automakers and local manufacturing have made significant restructurings in response to market competition.

Detroit and the surrounding region constitute a major center of commerce and global trade as its mentioned in Detroit map. The Detroit area emerged as a metropolitan region with construction of an extensive freeway system in the 1950s and 1960s which has expanded in ensuing decades. Freeways and transit systems have facilitated movement throughout the region with millions of people taking up residence in the suburbs. Between 2000 and 2010, the city population fell by 25%, from the nation 10th largest city to 18th. Commensurate with the shift of population and jobs to its suburbs, the city has had to adjust its role within the larger metropolitan area. Downtown Detroit has seen an increased role as an entertainment hub in the 21st century with the opening of three casino resort hotels, new stadiums, and a revitalized riverfront. The metropolitan region currently holds roughly one-half of the state population.

The city government is run by a mayor and nine-member city council and clerk elected on an at-large nonpartisan ballot. Since voters approved the city charter in 1974, Detroit has had a "strong mayoral" system, with the mayor approving departmental appointments. The council approves budgets but the mayor is not obligated to adhere to any earmarking. City ordinances and substantially large contracts must be approved by the council. The city clerk supervises elections and is formally charged with the maintenance of municipal records. Municipal elections for mayor, city council and city clerk are held at four-year intervals, in the year after presidential elections (see Detroit map). Following a November 2009 referendum, seven council members will be elected from districts beginning in 2013 while two will continue to be elected at-large.

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Downtown Detroit is the central business district and a residential area of Detroit, Michigan, United States. Downtown is bordered by the Lodge Freeway to the west, the Fisher Freeway to the north, Interstate 375 (The Chrysler Spur) to the east, and the Detroit River to the south as you can see in Detroit downtown map. Downtown contains much historic architecture and most of the prominent skyscrapers in Detroit, including the Renaissance Center, the Penobscot Building, Comerica Tower, and the Guardian Building. Historic churches, theatres, and commercial buildings anchor the various downtown districts. Downtown has a number parks including those linked by a promenade along the Detroit International Riverfront. In recent years the downtown area has seen tremendous growth and development. Since 2000 a number of major construction projects have been completed including the new Compuware Headquarters at Campus Martius Park and two new stadiums: Comerica Park and Ford Field. General Motors moved their headquarters into the Renaissance Center, and the Detroit Lions have relocated from Pontiac, MI to downtown Detroit.

Greektown is located less than half a mile (800 m) from the Renaissance Center in the downtown area as its shown in Detroit downtown map. It combines with Bricktown to create a , with Monroe Street at the center. The neighborhood is a popular restaurant and entertainment district, having many restaurants that serve authentic Greek cuisine, as well as one of the city three casinos, Greektown Casino. Jefferson Avenue runs parallel to the International Riverfront which contains the Renaissance Center, Cobo Center, a cruise ship terminal and dock, residential high rises, and a prominade of parks and marinas extending to Belle Isle. The towering Riverfront Condominiums are among the high-rise residential areas along the riverfront. The Washington Boulevard Historic District is located in downtown Detroit, along Washington Boulevard between State and Clifford streets.

According to a collaborative report released by the Brookings Institution, Social Compact and the University of Michigan on October 26, 2006, downtown Detroit is home to 6,500 residents, and hosts 80,500 downtown workers, which makes up 21% of Detroit city total employment as its mentioned in Detroit downtown map. Downtown offers a number of residential high rises, including Riverfront Towers. Two consulates are located in the Renaissance Center; the Consulate-General of Japan is located on the 16th Floor of the 400 Tower, and the Consulate-General of Canada in Detroit is located in Suite 1100 of the 600 Tower. The Consulate of Italy in Detroit is located in Suite 1840 in the Buhl Building. The Consulate of Mexico in Detroit is located in Suite 830 in the Penobscot Building. The Detroit Greyhound Lines station is directly west of Downtown along the John C. Lodge Freeway. The Detroit Department of Transportation system provides mass-transit by bus. The Detroit People Mover, a 2.9-mile (4.7 km) automated people mover system, operates on a single-track, one-way loop through the downtown area.

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Map of Detroit Michigan - USA

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In 2010, the city had a population of 713,777 and ranked as the 18th most populous city in the USA. The name Detroit sometimes refers to the Metro Detroit area with a population of 4,296,250 for the six-county Metropolitan Statistical Area, the USA eleventh-largest, and a population of 5,218,852 for the nine-county Combined Statistical Area as of the 2010 Census. The Detroit Theatre District is the United States second largest and hosts Broadway performances as its shown in Detroit Michigan - USA map. Important history of America and the Detroit area are exhibited at The Henry Ford, the United States largest indoor-outdoor museum complex. The Eastern Market farmer distribution center is the largest open-air flowerbed market in the United States and has more than 150 foods and specialty businesses.

The Detroit television market is the 11th largest in the United States; according to estimates that do not include audiences located in large areas of Ontario, Canada (Windsor and its surrounding area on broadcast and cable TV, as well as several other cable markets in Ontario, such as the city of Ottawa) which receive and watch Detroit television stations (see Detroit Michigan - USA map). Detroit has the 11th largest radio market in the USA, though this ranking does not take into account Canadian audiences. Casino gaming plays an important economic role, with Detroit the largest city in the United States to offer casino resort hotels. Gaming revenues have grown steadily, with Detroit ranked as the fifth largest gambling market in the USA for 2007. The violent crime rate is one of the highest in the United States.

In 2012, Detroit was ranked the most expensive city in the United States to have automotive insurance by Runzheimer International. This was due in part to the high crime rate. Within the city of Detroit, there are over a dozen major hospitals which include the Detroit Medical Center (DMC), Henry Ford Health System, St. John Health System, and the John D. Dingell VA Medical Center as you can see in Detroit Michigan - USA map. The DMC has more than 2,000 licensed beds and 3,000 affiliated physicians. It is the largest private employer in the City of Detroit. The center is staffed by physicians from the Wayne State University School of Medicine, the largest single-campus medical school in the USA, and the United States fourth largest medical school overall.

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The Detroit–Windsor area, a critical commercial link straddling the Canada–U.S. border, has a total population of about 5,700,000. Known as the world traditional automotive center, "Detroit" is a metonym for the American automobile industry and an important source of popular music legacies celebrated by the city two familiar nicknames, the Motor City and Motown as its mentioned in Detroit on world map. The city hosts the North American International Auto Show. Since 1916, the city has been home to Unlimited Hydroplane racing, held annually (with exceptions) on the Detroit River near Belle Isle. Often, the hydroplane boat race is for the APBA Challenge Cup, more commonly known as the Gold Cup (first awarded in 1904, created by Tiffany) which is the oldest active motorsport trophy in the world.

Amtrak provides service to Detroit, operating its Wolverine service between Chicago and Pontiac. Baggage cannot be checked at this location; however, up to two suitcases in addition to any "personal items" such as briefcases, purses, laptop bags, and infant equipment are allowed on board as carry-ons. The Amtrak station is located in the New Center area north of downtown as its shown in Detroit on world map. The JW Westcott II is a boat that serves to deliver mail to other vessels, and also provides a pilot boat service to ferry pilots to and from other vessels. The ship operates out of Detroit , Michigan and is the only floating post office in the world that delivers mail to other ships as they are underway.

The city of Detroit has made efforts to lure the region growth companies downtown with advantages such as a wireless Internet zone, business tax incentives, entertainment, an International Riverfront, and residential high rises (see Detroit on world map). Compuware completed its world headquarters in downtown Detroit in 2003. OnStar, Blue Cross Blue Shield, and HP Enterprise Services have located at the Renaissance Center. PricewaterhouseCoopers Plaza offices are adjacent to Ford Field and Ernst & Young completed its office building at One Kennedy Square in 2006. In 2010, Quicken Loans relocated its world headquarters and 4,000 employees to downtown Detroit consolidating its suburban offices, a move considered of high importance to city planners to reestablish the historic downtown.